5 Etsy Side Hustles That Make $107 A Day!

Today I'm going to show you the easiest Etsy side hustles ever that's right I Spent the entire weekend combing through The data to figure out not only what Makes the most money and gets the most Search traffic but also what are the Easiest side hustles you can use on Etsy To actually turn a profit yep you don't Have to be crafty you don't have to have A bunch of skills this is literally Something anyone can do so let's dive in And I'm going to show you five different Side hustles on Etsy that make as much As a hundred and seven dollars a day or More Ah okay so now when it comes to Etsy a Lot of people get this wrong what they Do is they go out there and try to find Things that are really popular like this News report here that I found on Yahoo Says the top Etsy shops of 2020. and we Could see there's all kinds of stuff From like little Trinkets and leather And different things like that and most People trying to do Etsy and trying to Make money online with little side Hustles like this are going to fail Because they're patterning after things That are too big too competitive and far Too saturated for the little guy to get Started do you ever feel like all the Good niches and side hustles are taken And there's no chance for you let me

Know in the comments below because this Is a super common issue when people try To make money they're gonna go and Pattern after what they think is working Because someone else is doing it rather Than actually looking at the data and Figuring out what is the easiest most Profitable side house or Niche that they Can use on Etsy and the way we're going To do that is actually very simple I'm Going to use a keyword tool like ahrefs And I'm going to figure out what Etsy Actually ranks for then I'm going to use A tool like marmalade to figure out what Kind of earnings they have what kind of Sales they have and what the actual Etsy Searches are so what we're doing is Looking at data from two channels we're Going to look at what people search for On Google And also what people search for on Etsy It's actually very simple because if we Can focus on these two sets of data I Think we have a much better chance of Making this work this is exactly what I've been doing for over 23 years in Different niches with different Platforms and it works like a charm so If you feel like everything's too Competitive and too difficult pay close Attention to this next part because what We're going to see over here by using a Tool like ahref semrush or any other Keyword tool is exactly what Etsy is

Ranking for in Google then we can go Through and isolate it based on Competition on Google so that we know Where we're going to rank how it's going To work and what the actual competition Is so if we do a KD of like five or less We're going to see keywords here that Are very low in competition on Google so Right here where we see Carousel poster Print we could see it gets over 38 000 Searches a month on Google and Etsy is Actually ranking at the top for this Search term which means in in addition To the search that I just did over 38 000 people a month are searching for This and since Etsy ranks right at the Top and is a trusted website selling Carousel posters on Etsy is actually Going to be pretty easy and when we plug This into marmalade which is one of the Biggest tools for Etsy we can see that The searches are actually pretty low the Engagement seems pretty low and the Competition also is pretty low now Usually you would want the searches High The engagement high in addition to the Low competition however since this is Ranking number one on Google for a Search term that gets over 38 000 Searches a month those numbers really Don't matter and that's why we want to Use product research not only from Etsy But also from Etsy's Google rankings and that's

Exactly where I found the five niches That we're gonna get into right now that Can put up to a hundred and seven Dollars a day in your pocket or more These side hustles are so easy anyone Can do them so let's dive the first one I found was custom bobble head Yeah you know like those little baseball Players you put on your car dash that Wiggle around when you hit speed bumps That's exactly what we're talking about Here and if we search this in Google we Can actually see that this is a pretty Big business and not only that but check This out right here Etsy is ranking number two and number Three but you might be saying Marcus I Don't know how to make a bobble head Well it's actually pretty easy if we Come over here to Orientaltrading.com which is actually a Place that I used to get wholesale goods For my magic shows and little Trinkets And things like that from back when I Was a magician they're actually selling Customizable ceramic bobble heads for Like two dollars each and we can see Here that some of these are going for Like sixty dollars for a custom bobble Head and while this one might take a Little bit of artsy craftsy work you can Get a lot of money for these which makes It an incredible niche in fact some of These stores up here are making millions

Of dollars just selling custom bobble Heads to Realtors and dentists and Doctors and golfers and pretty much Anyone and we can see here custom bobble Head is searched for over 12 000 times a Month bobble head is searched for 123 Times a month and bobblehead Personalized is looked up over 17 000 times a month and while this one Might be kind of difficult because you Actually have to make the bobble head We're going to talk about some side Hustles that are actually super easy Hands off that literally anyone can do And that brings us to Etsy side hustle Number two this one you literally need Zero skill for you don't need to be Artsy craftsy you don't need nothing This is piggy banks and ceramic money Boxes as you can see here the keyword Piggy bank is looked up 48 000 times a Month ceramic money boxes is looked up 10 000 times a month and as we can see The difficulty is zero meaning just About anyone can get traffic using this Keyword and be in front of 10 000 people A month who want the exact same product You're selling wait a minute is it Really that easy yeah in fact if you Were to look up ceramic money box here On Google you can see all the different Places that actually wholesale these Including Oriental Trading Company not Only that but look at number number two

We actually have Etsy right here with Different ceramic money boxes that's a Pretty weird looking E.T kind of cool Though but don't worry you don't need to Make E.T you can actually see all kinds Of different things like this Turtle Here different coffee cup money boxes Different boxes made out of wood and on And on we go and you can simply get These from Oriental Trading or Alibaba And you can sell them with a little bit Of customization maybe print out a Sticker with someone's name on it or Make a custom picture of the person or a Birth date or something like that it's Actually super simple and the profit Margin on these is through the roof but If you don't want to customize anything Don't worry and that brings us to Etsy Side hustle number three this one is so Easy all you gotta do is take the Product get a box And ship it as you can see here green Adventurine ring is looked up over ten Thousand times a month and again the Competition is literally nothing not to Mention that but there's also lots of Other keywords that are related to this One and we can see here on Google green Adventure iron ring we have Etsy Etsy Amazon and Etsy again these are Literally selling like crazy and if we Type in green ring over here on our

Marmalade tool we can see that these Things are super popular and I can go Over here to Alibaba and get these Things in bulk for super cheap and the Barrier of Entry of this Market is Literally non-existent I could start Here with a hundred pieces for just About 200 bucks and if I'm able to sell Those for five or ten dollars each that Means I'm basically tripling my money And some of these here are the exact Same products you're going to see on Etsy again if you want to make some Extra money doing this find out a way to Make these custom or personalize them With a name or a date or something Similar this is going to drive your Profit margin through the roof and that Brings us to Etsy side hustle number Four this one is actually very similar It is a birthstone ring these are rings That are about different people's Birthdays so you'd get one for November And December and October and on and on We go and as you can see birthstone ring Is a little bit competitive however June Birthstone ring is not December also Non-competitive November October mothers And on and on we go so if we do Something in the birthstone rings that's Very simple we can actually see that There's lots of ways to make money and Over here on Alibaba we can see that There's lots of different things that

Are customized with birthstones all Different kinds of gems and things like That and we can even get creative like This guy here and do very personalized Ones where we simply just order the Birthstones and ask them when their kids Were born and make something custom I Actually bought one of those for my wife A couple of years ago it was like a Hundred dollars but we were happy Because it was custom and again these Are super inexpensive and all you have To do is a little bit of customization And you can charge lots of money as you Can see here custom birthstone necklaces And rings are going for a pretty penny Here's one that's like seventy dollars This is something literally anyone can Make you just get the birthstones at Wholesale put them on a necklace when You get the order box them And ship them It really is that easy and now let's Dive into Etsy side hustle number five This one is by far my favorite wait a Minute Morse code bracelet 11 000 searches a month as you can see here On Etsy we got tons and tons of searches For morse code bracelets and they're Looking for custom bracelets based on Their name their birth dates the people They love or whatever it is and you can See over here on Alibaba these exact Same bracelets are selling for like 90

Cents 50 cents a dollar wait a minute Is it really this easy yeah and if you Want to make them custom you can Actually get the beads yourself over Here on Oriental Trading or Alibaba right like This and then all you need is a Morse Code translator and for this we can use AI yep keep watching this is about to Get really good and I'm going to show You how to make an entire business Create me a morse code generator in PHP For my website boom and as you can see Here AI is going to work then I just Slapped this Morse code generator code On my website right like this and it'll Make the exact code so that myself or Other people can make a morse code Bracelet then I get the beads and I just Count them out and make a simple Bracelet in a snap but wait a minute you Might be asking yourself Why would I have a website when I can go Online and look at all these Morse code Generators and that brings us to a Special little secret I can set up a website about Morse code Generators specifically designed to help People make Morse code bracelets and Then I can link to my Etsy store or Amazon or any place they can buy these Custom bracelets and drive tons of Traffic in sales in a snap not only that But I can actually make YouTube videos

About how to create these get tons of Traffic and get paid to promote my Bracelets wait a minute what yeah Exactly this starts to stack and build And grow and if you want to learn more About these methods to make money check Out downloadmynotes.com smash a like Button and check out the Etsy videos in The description