Ensuring Accessibility for Your Affiliate Links


When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to ensure that your affiliate links are easily accessible to your audience. In a recent video created by John Crestani, a prominent figure in the affiliate marketing world, he shares some valuable tips on how to make your affiliate links more accessible. Let’s dive into his suggestions and learn how to optimize the accessibility of your affiliate links.

  1. Placing Affiliate Links in the Appropriate Places

John Crestani emphasizes the importance of placing your affiliate links strategically. He suggests utilizing the bio section on platforms like Instagram, where you can provide a direct link for your audience to click on. Additionally, he advises inserting your affiliate links deliberately in the description section of YouTube videos or other content platforms. By doing so, you eliminate any potential obstacle for your viewers to access these links and increase your chances of earning commissions.

  1. Using Short URLs for Affiliate Links

In the ever-growing world of social media, where character limits can be restrictive, Crestani recommends using short URLs for your affiliate links. This is particularly useful for platforms like TikTok, where videos are concise, and concise links are more likely to be clicked. Additionally, for individuals with a smaller following, using short URLs can be beneficial as it makes the link appear less daunting and more inviting.

  1. Sharing Personal Affiliations

John Crestani sets a great example by sharing his own affiliations. In the video, he provides links to his own software, house and property, as well as his personal story and social media profiles. This not only builds trust with his audience but also demonstrates the effectiveness of his strategies.

  1. Advising Viewers to Optimize their Tech Setup

Another valuable piece of advice shared by Crestani is the importance of having the perfect computer and tech setup for online marketing success. He stresses the need for a fast and reliable internet connection, a powerful computer, and efficient software tools. By investing in these tools, viewers can enhance their productivity, optimize their performance, and ultimately improve their accessibility to affiliate links.

  1. Disclosing Affiliate Links and Potential Commissions

Crestani is transparent with his viewers by disclosing that the video contains affiliate links. He emphasizes the importance of trust and honesty, informing his audience that he may earn a commission if they make a purchase through his affiliate links. This level of transparency is not only ethical but also strengthens the relationship between content creators and their audience.


Ensuring the accessibility of your affiliate links is essential for successful affiliate marketing. By following the valuable suggestions provided by John Crestani, you can optimize how your audience interacts with your affiliate links. From placing them strategically and using short URLs to sharing personal affiliations and disclosing potential commissions, these tips can help you build trust, grow your audience, and ultimately boost your affiliate marketing success.

So, get ready to implement these accessible affiliate link strategies and watch your commissions soar!