Why Following Rich Individuals is Beneficial, but Being Discerning is Crucial

Why Following Rich Individuals is Beneficial, but Being Discerning is Crucial

Introduction: Importance of Following Rich Individuals

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, many people aspire to achieve financial success and live a life of abundance. One common advice given to those seeking prosperity is to follow the footsteps of rich individuals. These individuals possess valuable knowledge and strategies that can help others navigate the path to success. However, it is essential to exercise discernment when choosing the right wealthy person to emulate. This article delves into the importance of following rich individuals while emphasizing the significance of being discerning.

The Worst Investment: A Tale of Trusting the Wrong Person

John Crestani, a renowned entrepreneur, recently shared a video detailing the worst investment he has ever made. It is a cautionary tale that highlights the risks of blindly trusting someone solely based on their wealth. Crestani recounts his experience of investing a significant amount of time and resources into another person’s business venture, only to discover their ulterior motives. This person, referred to as Luke, appeared to be wealthy and successful on the surface. However, what Crestani learned the hard way was that Luke was only concerned with his own personal gain.

Trusting the Wrong Person: A Costly Mistake

Crestani’s story serves as a lesson in trust and discernment. He admits that he made a mistake by relying on someone who had only their self-interest at heart. While following advice from rich individuals can be beneficial, it is crucial to be discerning about the people we surround ourselves with. Wealth alone does not guarantee integrity or genuine concern for others. It is imperative to evaluate the character and intentions of individuals before placing our trust in them.

Discernment in Selecting Role Models

Following any rich person may not lead to the desired outcome. Instead, it is essential to follow rich people whom we personally admire and resonate with. The story of Crestani’s unfortunate investment underscores the importance of carefully selecting our role models. Merely emulating individuals solely based on wealth can be shortsighted and counterproductive. It is crucial to align ourselves with individuals who possess not just monetary success but also values and principles that we admire.

Recognizing True Intentions

In hindsight, Crestani acknowledges his regret in not being able to recognize the true intentions of the individual he trusted. This highlights the significance of honing our instincts and intuition when dealing with people, especially in business and investment scenarios. Being able to discern between genuine individuals who genuinely want to help and those driven by personal gain is a crucial skill to develop.


Following rich individuals can be instrumental in achieving financial success and personal growth. Their experiences and insights can provide valuable guidance and inspiration. However, it is essential to exercise discernment and choose the right wealthy individuals to emulate. The cautionary tale shared by John Crestani emphasizes the importance of thoroughly evaluating the character and intentions of those we surround ourselves with. By being discerning, we can navigate the path to success more effectively and avoid costly mistakes. So, let us be inspired by the successes of the wealthy while carefully selecting our role models to ensure a fulfilling journey towards prosperity.