The Harsh Reality of How My Ego Nearly Ruined My Business and Fortune

The Harsh Reality of How My Ego Nearly Ruined My Business and Fortune


In the competitive world of business, one’s ego can either be a driving force or a fatal flaw. In the case of John Crestani, an esteemed entrepreneur and internet marketer, his ego nearly led to the downfall of his thriving business and immense fortune. In a candid and introspective video, Crestani shares the truth about his biggest challenge – his own ego and self getting in the way of his success.

The Role of Ego in Business

Crestani, now a seasoned professional, reveals that during his early years in business, he was driven by an overwhelming ego. At the young age of 24-25, he found himself earning over $200,000 a month and credited it solely to his own skills. His success became a validation of his inflated self-worth and abilities.

The Downfall of Excessive Confidence

While Crestani acknowledges his skills and hard work, he also admits that luck played a significant role in his rapid success. Unfortunately, his ego blinded him to this reality. Instead of practicing humility and gratitude, he allowed his ego to take over, neglecting crucial aspects of his business.

The Allure of Excess and Its Consequences

As Crestani reveled in his lavish lifestyle, his ego-driven choices began to catch up with him. His desire for extravagance, particularly in the clubs of Las Vegas, led to a lack of financial discipline. He failed to save enough money, as he believed his success would last indefinitely. Little did he know that this reckless spending would come back to haunt him.

The Worst Mistake of All

In hindsight, Crestani recognizes that allowing his ego to dominate his decision-making was his worst mistake in business. He prioritized short-term gratification over long-term stability. Instead of reinvesting in his business and securing his fortune, he squandered his resources on superficial indulgences.

Learning from Past Mistakes

Despite the setbacks caused by his ego-driven choices, Crestani has managed to rise above them. In the video, he emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and learning from past mistakes. By acknowledging his vulnerabilities and embracing humility, he has been able to turn his business around.

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It’s worth noting that the video contains affiliate links, and any purchases made through these links will earn Crestani a commission. However, Crestani emphasizes that the information on his YouTube Channel and its resources are primarily for educational purposes. He also emphasizes that results cannot be guaranteed, as his success is backed by years of experience and expertise in internet marketing.


John Crestani’s video sheds light on the harsh reality of how ego can almost ruin a business and fortune. His personal experiences serve as valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them to temper their egos, remain humble, and make wise decisions. By prioritizing long-term success over short-term gratification, individuals can ensure that their businesses thrive and that their fortunes endure.