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The Top YouTube Channels For Affiliate Marketing

There are a ton of YouTube channels out there that offer affiliate marketing content. Here are our top affiliate marketing channels on YouTube, in no particular order:

John Crestani – 550K subscribers

Jacob Mitchell – 8.59K subscribers (Build Funnel Using


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Simplilearn – 2.42M subscribers


Dave Nick – 600K subscribers (online business made simple)



Passive Income Lifestyles – 49.8K subscribers


Franklin Hatchett – 555K subscribers



Santrel Media – 534K subscribers


H-EDUCATE – 787K subscribers


Mike Vestil – 611K subscribers



Ahrefs TV (grow your search traffic) – 348K subscribers



Smart Money Tactics – 305K subscribers (affiliate marketing guide)



Aurelius Tjin – 302K subscribers (digital product creation tips)


Buildapreneur (take life by the horns) – 139K subscribers


Metics Media (online marketing tools made easy) – 115K subscribers


Jordan Platten – 209K subscribers


Semrush – 121K subscribers


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Affiliatemarketing Dude (learn to profit online with Marcus) – 151K subscribers


Ivan Mana – 80.3K subscribers (learn how to make money online)


Chase Reiner (Bot Hack) – 93.8K subscribers


Ross Minchev (all web & digital marketing) – 110K subscribers


Garrett’s Affiliate Marketing Tips – 68K subscribers (make money with affiliate marketing)


Passive Income Lifestyles – 50K subscribers


The Infamous Joel – 2.18K subscribers (freedom passion fullfilment)


Michele Olivieri – 21.3K subscribers (digital marketing)


Joey Babineau – 15.6K subscribers (unstoppable online income)


Darlington Media – 1.77K subscribers (learn digital marketing)


Smart Money Tactics



Affiliate Marketing Tips & Tricks: This channel offers helpful tips and tricks for those looking to get into affiliate marketing.

John Crestani: John Crestani is one of the most successful affiliate marketers out there, and his channel offers tons of great content for those looking to learn from his success.

Project Life Mastery: This channel is all about helping people build successful online businesses, and they have a great section on affiliate marketing.

The Tech Guy: This channel is a great resource for tech-related tips and tricks, and they have an entire section devoted to affiliate marketing.

10 Minute Affiliate Marketing: As the name suggests, this channel offers concise, 10-minute videos on various aspects of affiliate marketing.

Income School: This channel is run by a husband-and-wife team who are dedicated to helping people build successful online businesses through education and training. They have an extensive section on affiliate marketing.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast: This popular podcast features interviews with some of the biggest names in online business, many of whom focus on affiliate marketing strategies.

SFM Training & Resources: This channel provides training resources for those involved with the Six Figure Mentors program (an internet marketing training program), but much of the content is applicable to anyone interested in building an online business via affiliate marketing or other means..

Online Marketing Made Easy with Mark Ling: Mark Ling is a well-known internet marketer who has built several successful businesses using various online marketing strategies; his YouTube channel features helpful tips and tutorials for those interested in learning more about online marketing.

10 Affiliate Fix Forum & Community : While technically not a “channel” per se, this active forum/community devoted to all things affiliate marketing is a wealth of information for anyone involved in or considering this type of online business venture..