Rank Master Review – How To Make Money With Youtube Affiliate Marketing

Hey guys welcome to the channel i’m here With a very special guest robin palmer From sweden welcome robin welcome to the Show A pleasure being here thank you thank You awesome man so today we’re doing This kind of interview and a little bit Of a review because robin has been my Friend for a long time And he’s a master of youtube he’s a Master at ranking youtube and he’s Making a full-time income just by doing Youtube and i actually picked up a lot Of tips from him when i was getting Started with youtube So now he has a course um teaching you Everything and i want to share with you Guys so Robin i never asked you this question Before that’s why i wanted to ask you Why and when did you start your make Money online journey in 2018 when i Moved back to to sweden i’ve been living Overseas for 13 years and my health Wasn’t too good so i had to start Working of course with something but i Didn’t want to do the 9 to 5 thing I wanted to do something That could give me the time To take care of my health and support my Family and That’s the reason And why and also because i knew about Affiliate marketing

From before a little bit So i thought I i think i’m going to do this again but This time full time Also you were trying before um 2018. Yeah Several years i did a little bit of it But since i’ve been working as a Volunteer in south america so i didn’t Did much with it so i in 2007 a little Bit i started when i was 17 a little bit When clickbank was new But it was you know just a side thing Side hustle But in 2018 i went full time into Youtube and affiliate marketing Oh nice so before that it was just like Dabbling like me basically So what made you want to pursue youtube As your primary source of income because People usually are kind of scared of Youtube and what made you want to use Youtube Yeah when you’re looking for new ways or You’re trying to get yourself updated About new ways to make money online we Usually go to youtube or google to find Stuff i started searching on youtube Again and i thought if these people are Making money doing youtube I could do the same thing and i’ve Always had a thing for For videos and and movies and for Creating things

So i thought I think youtube might be it So it’s right up your your alley right You have an interest in it kind of yeah Awesome man so This is the most important question Because is youtube the best way for a Newbie to earn money online because That’s what everybody wants right they Want the best way to make money so why You know is youtube the best way Well it depends who you ask but if you Ask me if you ask me in my opinion based On my results and my experience Starting from scratch being Very ill In my opinion youtube is the best way i Mean the idea is so simple you don’t Even have to show your face on camera There’s so many ways to use video that’s It’s mind-blowing so Basically that’s it Basically Actually the fine thing is youtube was Also the The first way i got my first sale when i Started my channel and my videos were so Bad in the beginning but i i so there Was definitely massive potential in Youtube and it’s i think it’s easier Than google isn’t it like Yeah i also had that feeling in the Beginning and then when i tested it out I saw the results and

I said yeah it’s definitely easier yeah This is not no it’s very straightforward Yeah in my opinion all right man so how Will rankmaster help a complete newbie Leverage youtube to earn money could Just show us in the members area of your New product and walk us through how that Whole process will actually help a Newbie make money with youtube sure Thing so Well As usual of course there’s a welcome Video here and i’m going to be Explaining a little bit about Uh well i think it’s the module number One actually where i’m explaining a Little bit about Everything the whole process and How they want to think first of all Because as you well know it’s a lot About mindset yeah basically the Important steps for them to get started Before anything You have to clear that out of the way so That’s the model number one essentially But the model number two is going to be About equipment so When you hear the word equipment you Think i need a lot of stuff to get Started but that’s not the case you can Actually just get started with a phone So you don’t need like a dslr camera or A fancy microphone okay no definitely Not i started with just the basic stuff

I actually borrowed my Mother-in-law’s Old laptop when i got started so [Music] I think people have this misconception That they don’t have that hd crisp video And chris sound that no one no one’s Going to listen to them but that’s Totally yeah i know Yeah yeah That comes later it comes later when You’re getting results get results first Then you can upgrade this stuff so you Don’t have to worry about that so that’s About the model number two the model Number three is about of course setting Up your channel for the best results so There’s a right wing a wrong way to do Things it’s actually simple and basic But so many people get this wrong so i i Want to help people to get things right Then we have the mod number four which Is Creating and uploading videos to youtube So it’s depending where you are in your Journey if you’re starting out with this Nothing about this is going to help you A lot because i’m going to show you Exactly From scratch where i was so the mod Number four is going to be about how you Want to do this and then the model Number five is about you know the secret Sauce

I definitely recommend you go through The entire course because there’s so Much stuff here Based on years of experience but the Model number five is crucial for you to Get results i’ve downloaded my brain Into this course and this mod is going To show you that’s a A reference to someone who said that This is from simple to advanced stuff Ranking on not only youtube but also on Google and i can tell you most people Don’t know about this stuff and i’ve Talked to students of mine recently They’re impressed with the results not Because i’m something special but They’re really happy with the results Because that’s the most important thing Getting results right And this model number five is going to Be about that yeah i went through that Module specifically It was really good because i did Something similar but i did it more Expensive basically yours is a cheaper Way to do things so yeah exactly and Then we have i’m not going to show you More here because i would be revealing That yeah yeah the secret stuff and then We have the model number six about how To sell more because you know one thing Is about Youtube one thing’s about uploading Videos one thing’s about ranking videos

But once you’re up there what do you do What do you do There are simple things simple tweaks That you can do to actually sell more Than your competition even from people That have more subscribers than you so You’re definitely gonna like this one Here the model number seven is about Building an email list which is The main key idea of everything that’s The key and i don’t have to tell you That because you know that already but But i think people are gonna are gonna Benefit from this model number seven as Well then i have some bonus content Resources everything that they’re Learning here things that i’ve learned Along the way i’m gonna be updating the Course Because things always evolve this is not Static this is like a living organism so To speak yeah all right could you just For the module five right so or just in Ranking in general Why is it so important to rank because i Know why but people don’t know why like Why can’t i just upload a video and Why is ranking it’s so important in Youtube as well Well because it’s the fastest way To get in front of people that are Already searching And are ready to buy from you so it’s Like

Placing your store in front of tons of People who are interested in what you’re Going to say but in Exactly exactly yeah so you’re just Tapping into that Traffic flow so in the real world you You place a store somewhere where you Know there’s what you call it Traffic flow tons of people flowing How to say that in english But that’s what you would do in the real World right yeah correct so this the Same principles applies to the online World And a way of doing that is to Being able to rank your video At the top because people are going to Be seeing you Yes and they’re going to be buying from You that’s them that’s the main key That’s the reason why it’s so important To rank at the top correct basically Yeah yeah it just to give some value What are the Most important factors when it comes to Ranking on youtube i know it has changed Throughout the years right so now Youtube is smarter but what’s the most Current way what does youtube look out For when which video goes to the top Yeah well there are things that are Going to change but there are some core Basic principles that are not going to Change

And that is that youtube is a business And they Are gonna Essentially Benefit people that are Getting the traffic so to speak That’s in a few words getting the Traffic and the views essentially the Main principle that i believe is going To keep on working in the future Doesn’t matter how change changes Is that If your video is getting the proper Interaction we’re talking about people Searching for your video clicking on Your thumbnail watching most of your Video interacting with it that is what’s Going to keep working that’s essentially It that’s the main principle but how do You do it in a smart way and how do you Actually affect those views and those Rankings to get the proper results That’s a whole other story but that’s The main idea so thanks for for sharing That All right so i want to ask you some People going to youtube right they’re Not in the make money online niche Can what You teach here help someone who is Outside of the make money online niche Definitely Right in the course i’m talking about my Experience and i’m focusing a lot on the

Make money online niche however The principles Can be applied to virtually any niche Because we’re talking about rankings Just so so many products that you can Rank for so the the same basic Principles applies and it works and it Works because i’ve tested it with other Products outside them make money online It’s and it works definitely so could You show us the rank master sales page And where to how to pick it up sure Thing it’s Simple and straightforward so it’s 4.97 Uh one-time payment right right now it’s 4.97 the price is going to increase Because i do understand the value of it And my students have told me that i Should be charged more for this And i understand it but i did want to Get this out to people and i i want People to get results first and then Later on we’re going to take it to the Next step which is going to happen but Right now it’s going to be it is 497 this is a one-time payment hey guys You heard it so this is the early bird Price don’t miss out on this before it Goes to 997 and you’re going to be Kicking yourself So pick it up all right so Thanks for that i can stop sharing your Screen and then i’ll show you one one Egg mega bonus that i’m going to offer

Just one And It’s going to be a really big one so If you click the link below you are Going to go to This page let me share my screen If you click the link below you go to my Rank master uh bonus page okay that only Has one bonus but the mega bazooka bonus I have is my team and i will build and Host your own super funnel your own Youtube super funnel to collect leads And sales on a daily basis 697 value now If you think i just pulled that out of My ass or something that’s not if you go To this is my high ticket program there Is a section that says want me to do it For you if you click it all right it Actually goes to a sales page and it Actually costs 697 dollars All right so i’m doing this essentially For a cheaper price so if you get this Product okay rank master now i will Build out the funnel for you and i will Host it in my click funnels so that Means you guys do not even Need to have a funnel builder and you’ll Get my very own special funnel that i Use in youtube to get leads and sales on A daily basis the reason why i’m not Giving you any other course is because It’s there’s no point Robin i think sometimes there’s really No point in giving just throwing more

Courses at you because You are supposed to be using the rank Master course and um this will just aid You in that process so i think it’s a Really big bonus and this is not even Publicly sold so it’s only for my Coaching students So that’s a very big bonus all right so Click the yellow button here and you get Go to the rank master sales page and When you pick up rank master buy my link Yes click the link down below right Below and you will get access to my Bonus with rank master all right so that Concludes the review and interview so Thanks a lot robin and um that’s awesome Program thank you awesome program like Uh really thank you sir thank you thank You so much Thank you and click the button below Guys click click button Yeah do it now yes See you take care

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