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How To Use My Lead Gen Secret For Total Success

Hi folks, I have been using my lead gen secret com for 15 days and on average I’ve helped one new person personally per day on average, become happily involved with this powerful email system. Now I’m an experienced online marketer I’ve been online marketing for 20 years. I’M also a very experienced home business owner. I’ve been in the home business profession for 42 years now there are people that are joining my lead, gen secret, who are totally brand new to all of it, brand new to the home business, profession and brand new to online marketing. There are others who have become happily involved with my lead, gen secret com that are highly skilled, professional online marketers such as myself.

Now, what I’m gonna do here is just show you how to send an email through the system. There’s a lot to talk about with this system, but this particular video I’m going to discuss exactly how to send a mail from the back-office, both basic and a little bit more advanced, so pay attention and the good news is. Is you can pause this video rewind replay so that you can learn exactly how to do this first thing, I’m going to do is login. What you want to do is click on mailing system at the top, once you’re at mailing system, you’re gonna notice that there’s two types of mailings that you can do you can mail by lead partner or mail by date. Now, if you chose mail by lead partner, as you can see here, there are a dozen lead partners that my lead, gen secret com uses to select leads to provide to you and I, on a daily basis.

We get a hundred emails a day when you enroll one affiliate. It immediately jumps to 200 a day as long as they’re subscribed and that is mighty powerful. Folks, when you do the math 200 leads a day times 365 days is 73 thousand leads a year. A hundred and forty six thousand leads every two years that is powerful, so the idea is to stick with it. Now some people like to test from different lead partners which emails might have better conversions.

Well, since you’re limited to one emailing per day, it might take you a little while to determine that. So here’s what I do I choose mail by date and then what I do is I select all – and this is my 15th day so, as you can see here that I have two thousand nine hundred emails leads that I’m gonna be sending today. Now you have a send from, I just leave it at send from my name no reply at my lead: gen secret com – that’s where I choose to send from you can choose whatever you want. That’s your call! Okay!

So there are saved emails here. What is that? Well, if I click the drop down menu, you’ll see the subject lines of the different emails that I’ve sent in the last 15 days. That I’ve been doing this and I could choose one of those and click load and the subject line would load and the body would load and I’d be able to just go ahead and click send right away, which is at the very bottom right here. Send email.

Okay, that’s one option. Another option is this: when you signed up to my lead gen secret, you were given the option to buy 30 master email swipes. What’s a swipe, a swipe is a sample email with a sample subject line and a sample body that have been tested, used and proven and have had conversions, and so the value of those even at full price is very powerful. Now, when you first signed up, you were given the option to buy them at half price or later on. If you didn’t do that, you can buy them at full price.

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