How to Create Value Instead of Constantly Consuming: A Guide for Bloggers

How to Create Value Instead of Constantly Consuming: A Guide for Bloggers


In today’s fast-paced world, where consumption and instant gratification have become the norm, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of always wanting more. However, creating something that the market consumes is essential for becoming rich in life. It is not enough to be a consumer; one must also be a creator. This concept is explored in a thought-provoking video created by John Crestani, an entrepreneur who shares his insights on how to shift the focus from consumption to creation.

Creating Value for Others

Consumption alone does not lead to wealth; one must create value for others and be willing to offer a service or product in return for money. This mindset shift is crucial for bloggers who are looking to not only find financial success but also make a lasting impact. By identifying their target audience’s needs and desires, bloggers can create valuable content that resonates with their readers.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship

John Crestani’s video emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship and the act of creating something of value. Being an entrepreneur requires a certain level of risk-taking and determination. It involves thinking outside the box and finding innovative ways to meet the demands of the market. For bloggers, this may involve identifying niche topics or developing unique perspectives on popular subjects to attract a dedicated following.

Shifting Focus from Consumption to Creation

To achieve financial success, it is crucial to shift the focus from consumption to creation. Instead of constantly consuming content, bloggers should dedicate time and effort to create valuable and engaging posts. This requires thorough research, thoughtful writing, and a genuine desire to provide value to readers. By focusing on creation, bloggers can establish themselves as experts in their niche and attract a loyal audience.

Building a Platform for Consumption

Building a platform where others can consume what one creates is a key factor in achieving financial stability. For bloggers, this means establishing an online presence through a well-designed website or blog. It also involves utilizing social media channels to promote content and engage with readers. By creating a platform that is user-friendly and visually appealing, bloggers can attract more visitors and encourage them to consume their valuable content.


In conclusion, the video created by John Crestani serves as a valuable guide for bloggers who want to shift their focus from consumption to creation. By creating content that offers value to readers, bloggers can establish themselves as thought leaders and attract a dedicated following. It is important to remember that wealth and success are not solely achieved through consumption but rather through the act of creating something of value. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and dedicating time and effort to creating quality content, bloggers can position themselves for financial success and make a lasting impact in their industry.