Forget IQ: How This Daily Habit Made Me Smarter than 99% of the Population

Forget IQ: How This Daily Habit Made Me Smarter than 99% of the Population


Have you ever wondered what makes someone truly smart? Is it their IQ score? The number of books they have read? Or perhaps it’s their ability to think critically and solve complex problems? While many people believe that intelligence is solely determined by their IQ, I beg to differ. In fact, I have discovered a daily habit that has made me smarter than 99% of the population, and it has nothing to do with my IQ. Instead, it focuses on constant reading and personal growth. Let me share with you how this activity has transformed my life and made me a better version of myself.

Reading – The Key to Unlocking Knowledge

You probably have never had your IQ tested because, honestly, it’s something you can’t change. Your IQ is what it is, and there’s no point in obsessing over a number that doesn’t truly define your intelligence. Instead of fixating on an arbitrary score, I have chosen to invest my time in something much more valuable – reading.

By dedicating myself to reading, I have discovered a whole new world of knowledge and ideas. I devour books across various genres, from self-help to science fiction, and everything in between. This daily habit has opened my mind to different perspectives, expanded my vocabulary, and introduced me to fascinating concepts.

Learning from Others’ Experiences

Reading offers a unique opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences. Whether it’s a memoir, a historical account, or a fictional story, each book allows me to step into someone else’s shoes and gain insights that I would never have encountered otherwise. It’s like having a conversation with the author, learning from their successes, failures, and wisdom.

Moreover, reading has significantly improved my ability to focus for longer periods of time. In today’s fast-paced digital world, where attention spans are shrinking, the simple act of sitting down with a book and immersing myself in its pages has become a form of meditation. Reading has trained my mind to slow down, concentrate, and engage deeply with the material.

IQ Doesn’t Define Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief, your IQ doesn’t determine your intelligence. It may measure certain cognitive abilities, but it fails to capture the full scope of human intelligence. Concepts like emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and critical reasoning are not adequately reflected in IQ tests.

What truly matters is not your IQ score but your personal growth and development. Striving to be the best version of yourself should be the ultimate goal. Instead of comparing yourself to others or getting fixated on an IQ number, focus on acquiring knowledge, cultivating empathy, and developing a strong set of values. These qualities will undoubtedly set you apart and make you smarter in a much more meaningful way.


In conclusion, forget about IQ and its limitations. Embrace the power of reading and continuous learning to unlock your true potential. By dedicating time to reading and personal growth, you will become smarter than 99% of the population. Remember, your intelligence is not determined by a single number, but by the depth of your knowledge, the quality of your thinking, and your ability to adapt and grow. So, start today, pick up a book, and embark on a journey of self-improvement. You won’t be disappointed in the results.

Embrace the power of reading and become the best version of yourself. The world is waiting for your brilliance!