AI Content Hack: How I Got Ranked on Google in Seconds!

Today I'm going to let you in on a big secret This secret I've been using to get Instant rankings on Google using AI Content Bots It's actually super easy to do and I'm Going to let you in on the entire Process if you were to take a look right Here on Google for the word spamzilla This keyword gets about 700 searches Each and every month and if you were to Scroll down Right here you would see my website and This one blog post is making me over 13 Each and every day right here is the Proof you could see that last year this One blog post for spamzilla brought in Over forty eight hundred dollars in Commission 4 800 over 365 equals 13.15 so I got a question for you if you Could put up a simple blog post using AI In less than 10 minutes get it ranked on Google instantly and make thirteen Dollars a day how many blog posts would You make What What did anyone see you come on you Gotta see this I found a way to get Instant search engine rankings using AI Bots look there it is right there now It's important to note that getting Search engine rankings is the next best Thing to actually having money back when I started in the year 2000 we would get

Search engine rankings and we knew that Those were as good as money in the bank Because having that ranking would equal Money whether we were ranking for Something related to dental insurance Like cost of braces or whether we were Ranking for something like smiley faces Or a free download or how to fix an Error on your PC these were all worth Money because we were using affiliate Offers AdSense and other things to drive Profit to our bank accounts so it's Actually very easy and what we want to Understand is that you don't have to go For the big keyword we don't want to go For like web hosting because that's too Competitive I don't want to go for Domain buying because that's too Competitive instead I could go for Something like spamzilla and while it Might not make ten thousand dollars a Day making thirteen dollars a day on one Blog post starts to add up extremely Fast if you like this plan type 13 in The comments below and let me know that You're following along because once we Pair this with what you're about to Learn things are going to change for the Better and you're going to be able to Get these rankings super fast because up Until now most of you guys have probably Been trying to put AI content on your Blog and nothing seems to be ranking and It's not because the content is AI it's

Because you're either going for the Wrong keyword or your website isn't Powerful enough and if we rewind Back to the year 2003 when I was Starting out my business we were doing The rankings and everything and we Actually stumbled across something that Worked very well back then it was all The rage to buy expired domain names These are domain names of websites that Were popular in Google Yahoo MSN and Back then we even had hotbot and lycos If you remember those let me know in the Comments below we would buy these Expired domain names and then we would Put content on them and be able to rank In a very simple way And the reason this worked was actually Very simple and it's all based on web Crawlers or spiders spiders go out there And crawl the search engines and no Don't worry we're not talking about an Actual spider we're talking about this Guy here known as a web crawler we'll Give him little eyes and a happy face so That we know he's friendly and what the Web crawler does is it searches for Things on the internet and so Google web Crawler will go out there and look at Sites that it already knows exist like You might have or or Reddit or Twitter or whatever it is and It knows that these sites exist so it Goes to them every single day to build

His web of search engine rankings and Because he knows that these sites are Popular if your website ranked or was Listed on CNN you would then be crawled That exact same day actually found this Process by accident back when I went out There and said I'm going to advertise on The ClickBank login page back then it Was like seven hundred dollars for an ad I scraped together my 700 bucks and I Was like maybe this will get me some Customers and my idea was maybe I can Get customers using the ClickBank login Page for my search engine ranking Company and I did get some customers but What I found out Was actually more interesting than the Customers and the profit and that was That the brand new website that I just Registered and bought for this Experiment on the ClickBank login page Got picked up and ranked in Google In minutes And I thought to myself most people are Waiting months and years to get search Engine rankings and I just got it in a Matter of minutes with one simple link And when we're talking about expired or Auction domains it's the same kind of Thing but maybe you're not going to get CNN because you don't have like a Hundred million dollars but we might be Able to get something that Google Already knows exists for a small group

Of keywords maybe you have something for Like bow hunting or archery or how to Tie a tie or keto diet tips or recipes If you have this site and other websites Link to this website the spider is going To come by and say wait a minute I think That this website is now popular for Archery or whatever it is and this will Get ranked instantly Instantly Instantly and before I show you exactly How this works I want you to remember That this is a powerful tool you're Going to want to use it ethically don't Spam don't abuse it when you get a Domain make sure you follow that domain Out with good content stuff that people Are interested in based on what they're Searching for much like the website that I'm building right now for new this is a domain that I bought At auction that we're actually building Here on the channel right in front of You to show you how it works we ordered Over 50 pieces of AI content we're Putting it up and getting rankings Literally every day and if you were to Go over to your keyword tool go over to The site Explorer like this and type in New you can see that this thing Actually has rankings if we search for Worst SUV in the snow we can see There we are right there SUV for obese Drivers boom there it is right there and

You can see here where I actually bought The domain on April 1st I bid on this Domain and won it for approximately Seven hundred dollars Now if you don't have 700 don't worry I'm going to show you how to get these For like nine dollars sometimes fifty Dollars but mostly nine dollars and then You can see we actually took possession Of the domain name on the fourth which I Kind of spaced and didn't see this email Till two weeks later and we put up the Content on the 19th so you could see That from the 19th to today less than Two days we actually have lots of Rankings for the content that we put up Using Ai and the way I find these Domains is actually pretty fascinating Back to that spamzilla thing we talked About in the beginning I'm going to use The spamzilla tool right like this which By the way I have a full tutorial on This link in the description we're gonna Go over to GoDaddy or GoDaddy Closeouts And we're going to find domains that Actually have rankings so I could go Over here to GoDaddy I can search these By positions traffic backlinks anything You name it so we're going to go through And we're going to take a look at stuff That I might want to use that actually Already has rankings so if I want to Start a site about traveling to Italy I Could get this one and we could see that

It actually does have some rankings in Google actually over a thousand of them And it all has to do with traveling to Italy so this would be great for like Travel affiliate programs airline Tickets coupons and passports and all Kinds of things like that or I could Take a look at some other ones like this Travel blog or even trailer plans this One's about trailer plans it was only Twelve dollars and we could see it has Almost a thousand keywords related to Trailer plans DIY trailer kits trailer Setup and we could see here if we search For this in Google right like this yep There it is right there number two so Essentially I can buy this domain and I Get rankings even before I put content Up but then I put content up and get Even better rankings yeah that's the Entire idea and it's important to note That when we do this we want to make Sure that we use the exact same URLs for The content so when I'm going through With something like new I want to make sure that these Links actually match where my content is So that when you click click here that's The same link that shows my content that Way the spider that knows that that page Already exists is going to pick it up Instantly then I just wash rinse and Repeat imagine how much money I can make Focusing on these keywords and finding

Offers that are going to help them Whether it's SUVs or AdSense or maybe Even insurance or anything related to People looking for new SUVs it's Actually extremely simple and if you Want to learn more about my AI process Check out the link in the description Because tomorrow I'm having a live AI Ask me anything training on Zoom you can Click the link below join the zoom Meeting hang out ask questions and Pretty much learn everything I'm doing With AI to turn a profit so check out my Detailed video on spamzilla and the link To my live Zoom training in the Description