$307 A Day – BIGGEST Side Hustle Ever! [With Free Ai Tools]

Okay today we are going to talk about The biggest side hustle in all of History and yeah I know that sounds like A big claim but take a look at some of These numbers 450 dollars for 20 minutes Of work and this side hustle is not Going to cost you a bunch of money it Doesn't take a bunch of skills this can Be done worldwide and it's literally Something anyone can do yeah I'm talking To you three hundred dollars for five Minutes of work six dollars for about 30 Seconds of work thousand dollars a month Forty three hundred dollars a month Three hundred and eleven dollars for 10 Minutes and on and on we go and the Whole AI craze is just getting started So these numbers are only going to get Bigger but first Story time Back when I first started my business in The year 2000 and 2001 I came across This simple software that cost me 75 This software automatically created Little things that people were paying Big money for namely website content Which quite simply is the biggest thing That AI is used for today only there's One glaring problem AI is not human and That means AI is going to make mistakes And now back to my story when I had that Software that I paid 75 dollars for it Was an automated tool that all I would Have to do is put keywords in and it

Would generate content for whatever Topics my clients wanted and finding the Clients was actually easy they found me I'll show you how to do that in just a Minute but when I had this software here What I would do is I would go out there And find keywords that these people can Use to create good content for because Let's face it one of the most difficult Things about writing content or creating Content is coming up with the content to Create this is known as writer's block And back then since I knew a lot of People didn't know what to write about And didn't know what would actually work For their clients to drive customers to Their business then I was actually in High demand because I was able to find These keywords I would just fire up my Keyword tool go through the list of Things that they had on their website Find some keywords they can rank for and Then use the software to generate Content like that and even though this Content was generated automatically with A software that I paid 75 dollars for One time I was able to charge people as Much as two three even five hundred Dollars for like five or ten pieces of Content and again this side hustle only Took me a couple minutes to complete and Using this exact same method with this Exact same side hustle my first year in Business I made close to a hundred and

Seventy thousand dollars and it was Actually really easy I would just find The keywords put them into the program And get paid fast forward to today 2023 in the world of AI I'm still doing The same thing with my SEO marketing Agency we go out there and pay for Content that other people write and sell It at a premium charge because we're Adding the touch of actually coming up With the keywords topics and ideas that Are going to help these businesses soar I mean after all isn't that what Everyone online wants more traffic more Views more eyeballs because that makes Them more money And yes this is the same skill set that I've used for 23 years to make millions And millions of dollars and it was Actually pretty simple and pretty Straightforward then again I've been Doing this for a long time what about You could you possibly make a thousand Dollars two thousand dollars or even Five thousand dollars a month using AI To generate content where all you do is Find some keywords come up with some Topics and hit submit yes I think it's Absolutely possible let me show you Exactly what I mean So if we were to look over here at some Of these places that charge for website Content we could see that there are some Outlandish AI places that are charging

Like eight thousand dollars for a Thousand articles and stuff like that And we can see that there's actually Human articles for sale as well like Over here on iwriter where you have ai Content for one penny per word or Roughly a hundred dollars for a ten Thousand word article or for human Content we're looking at two cents four Cents or even eight cents per word Meaning that same exact article would Now be eight hundred dollars or higher Writers that's charging as much as sixty Dollars for a two thousand word article Supposedly which starts at seventy five Dollars and then goes up to four hundred And fifty dollars for a small three Thousand word article or draft which is About 10 cents per word scribbly which Comes in at forty three hundred dollars A month for just 20 blog posts so Essentially if you were able to get Content written for a penny a click or Even free yep more about the free Methods in just a minute add a little Bit of the human element which takes Just minutes to do and then charge like Three hundred dollars or even forty Three hundred dollars a month for the Same content that the AI wrote for free Or even like one cent per word and take A look at the demand for these types of Services you got SEO content with over 42 000 searches a month you have SEO

Articles with over 20 600 searches a Month and over here on Fiverr there are Tons of people that are selling SEO Content services but if you're a little Worried about trying Fiverr I don't Blame you that's not what we're talking About we're just using Fiverr to see the Demand and the funny thing is this side Hustle is super easy in fact let's say a Client came to us and wanted to get Ranked for something like workouts or Gym type stuff we can simply come over Here to the ahrefs free keyword tool and Type in something like workouts then all We need to do is find something that has Low competition like leg workouts run That through the same keyword tool and Now we're going to find keywords that Have super low competition let's say we Choose a keyword for this client like Leg workouts with dumbbells I simply Come over here to chat GPT and use my Predetermined prompt here which you can Get it get websitecontent.com I'm going To replace the keyword right here With this and then I'm going to put Workout weight loss That way we know it's for a workout Weight loss audience so essentially I'm Asking chat gbt to make an outline for The keyword leg workouts with dumbbells Targeting a workout weight loss audience In a conversational tone and a desired Length what this is going to do is get

Me an outline And you can see chat GPT is going to Town Going to town making me money And now we just wait for chat gbt to do Its magic wait it's done already yep Check out this outline of all these Different workouts for comprehensive leg Stuff now all we have to do is put this Phrase in chat GPT act as an SEO expert Remember that's what your clients are Paying you to be is an SEO expert and Write the article outlined above it's Going to go to work and make a 3 000 Word article based on exactly what you Tell it to write about and while we're Waiting for this to finish we're going To go ahead and copy our outline right Here as our table of contents and all That fancy stuff we're going to put this Into Microsoft Word just so we have a Record of it a simple copy right like This then we can see we're already at 363 words and we only got the table of Contents then we're going to go ahead And take the rest of the article right Like this Paste it in here sometimes you have to Regenerate it we're going to go ahead And paste it onto the table of contents Here to get a final word count right Like this and we could see we're at About 887 which means we just need to Tell it to keep going and it's going to

Go ahead and finish the article now we Can see we're at about 1428 words I'll tell it to keep going And it's going to finish the article for Us and now it looks like we are Completely done and the article is Roughly 2306 words now we did have to Hit continue a few times and tell the AI To keep going but other than that I Think it did a really good job of Creating this article now we have an Article that is 2300 Words which Compared to these sites this is actually Pretty good and this didn't cost me Anything to generate which means all I Need to do is kind of proofread it make Sure there's no incorrect facts or Anything like that and fancy it up for a Website and this is exactly how we get Paid this is an article I can easily Charge 50 100 or even more for with my Added service of finding the keywords For the client because let's face it not Everyone knows how to find keywords and If you do that's worth a lot of money Now there's some easier ways to get Content written using programs that do Cost money this one here I've been Testing for quite some time I can simply Put the keyword right here as the title Choose the word count hit create content Now and it's going to go ahead and Create the article with no extra added Steps and you can see here the types of

Content this creates are actually Amazing and using this AI tool that does A lot of the work for me is going to Cost between 15 and 25 dollars per Article however with a little bit of Work and effort you can do the same kind Of thing with chat GPT Bard and other AI Programs next what you're going to want To do is run this through a Content Checker to make sure there's no Plagiarism make sure it's not flagged For computer generated content tweak it Up a little bit so it passed the tests Send it over to your clients and get Paid to test these for plagiarism I'm Going to use grammarly.com which is very Simple it's very fast I just type the Content in here like this it's going to Do its magic and find out if the AI Matches any other websites and we could See that some of the stuff does but it Looks like something that we can simply Reword so instead of how to select I Could say how to choose And boom that's going to drop it down And here we could say get ready to Change just by rewording these a little Bit you're going to see that the numbers Will start to drop drastically and this Only takes a couple of minutes to do and It's actually extremely easy and for This side Hustle the way we're going to Get paid is by adding value the first Thing we are going to do is add the

Keyword SEO research so that we know Exactly what these people need to create Content about the second thing we're Going to do is create the content in Ai And the third thing we're going to do is Edit that content and I can speak from Experience I've paid a lot of money to Have this stuff done but surprisingly It's very simple and the next thing we Want to do Is find clients And you can do that several different Ways one use Fiverr post a gig get People in the front door help them out With stuff and then sell them more Expensive stuff later two I can go on The search engines and search for Something like workouts or weight loss And find people that are ranking way low In the search engines that don't get any Traffic at all I can email them and Offer my services to help them get Traffic using my SEO keyword tactics and This is exactly how I found clients when I first started my business is by Finding people who don't have the right SEO optimization people that don't Exactly know what they're doing when it Comes to SEO and people who quite Frankly need my help in fact this is the Same strategy that we're using right Here on this 100 AI driven site that We're using the exact same strategy on And we're actually ranking for several

Different keywords like termites coming Out of air vents now obviously a termite Company is going to want to rank for the Word termites or termite infestation but There's big companies competing for that So the chances are really low however we Can help them get rankings for something Like this termites coming out of air Vents or do-it-yourself Termidor termite Larva Termite treatment cost California and on And on we go these are keywords that are Super easy to rank for and you can go do This for local places for example if I Look up termite treatment Orlando I can see there's lots of Companies that are trying to rank on the First page of Google and get all that Coveted termite traffic but what if I Scroll down to like page number five and Found a site like this that isn't Getting that much traffic from their SEO Content I could reach out to them and Then tell them about my content services And help them get a lot more traffic for Free from the search engines using the Content that I'm creating with AI and This is the type of service that Companies like this are paying thousands Of dollars for each and every month and It's actually extremely easy and we can See here that this done for you tool has Actually finished the article and it Looks pretty darn good considering I

Didn't have to do any work other than Put the keyword in and it doesn't stop At Fiverr or contacting companies or Anything like that you can actually turn This into a full-fledged agency in fact One of the things that I do here in my Business is get AI content send it to my Outsourcers for editing and then sell it To by students my customers and Different people who want to get more Traffic from the search engines it's Actually super easy and it all comes Down to having the right keyword and if You know how to find the right keyword Edit the content get rid of the Plagiarism and tweak it for the search Engines then you can get paid so let's Start by learning my keyword strategies Check out the video here and in the Description to learn more about my Keyword strategies that have made me Millions